New Sydney Escape Room

New Sydney Escape Room – Secret Service Mission

NEW SYDNEY ESCAPE ROOM – Secret Service Mission

It’s finally here – our long awaited new Sydney escape room called Secret Service Mission and it is most definitely our best room yet with lots of never seen before puzzles and gadgets for you to try.

Following the spectacular success of our special Jason Bourne room which ran for one week only to great media acclaim, we have reconfigured the rooms to follow a new story based around historical events in Australian politics.

In perfect timing for the school and Xmas holidays – these new rooms will give you plenty of challenges, tricks and head-scratching moments as you unravel the mystery.

Based on real events that occurred on December 17th, 1967 when Harold Holt, Australia’s prime minister disappeared.

Your mission as Australian Secret Service Agents, is to investigate the disappearance of the Prime Minister, Harold Holt. You only have one hour to cross the city to meet your informant, get the intel and follow the clues, all while trying to evade the mystery assassins who are hot on your trail.

Have you got what it takes to outsmart the assassins and help Australia uncover the mystery of their prime minister’s disappearance? See if you can solve the best new Sydney escape room!

There are two Secret Service Mission rooms available so you can compete against your friends to see who can escape first. The Escape Hunt Experience Sydney now has 4 rooms for you to play:

  • Robbery in the Cottage (1 room only) – can you find the missing gold stash from The Rock’s worker’s cottage?
  • Extortion in the Dockyard (1 room only) – find out who is blackmailing the captain of the Mariner Escape before it’s destroyed
  • Secret Service Mission (2 rooms) – our exciting new room
  • ADVANCED Assassin in the Pub (2 rooms) – based on real life razor gangs of 1920’s Sydney, find out who has assassinated crime boss Bruhn

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