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What adventures are available at The Escape Hunt Experience?  We have six rooms at Escape Hunt Sydney split into three different adventures or themes.  Each has an exciting and different storyline, theme and decor.  Each adventure has an entirely different set of puzzles and codes so you can come back to play our other rooms later and still enjoy the experience.

Can we play against each other in different adventures?  Our six game rooms are separate but are “twinned” into three pairs with the same mystery to solve to allow for two teams to compete against each other.  This way you can book as a group of up to 10 people, split into two groups and then compete against each other. So if you have an urge to compete, try it, it’s great fun as we start the countdown timer at exactly the same moment – up to 30 people!

Robbery in the Cottage: The owner of one of the Rock’s largest workers’ cottages has had her entire gold coin stash stolen despite the fact she had hidden it very well, or so she thought.  The police have locked down the area but only for 1 hour. The clock is ticking; your job is to find the thief before he or she disappears forever.

Extortion in the Dockyard: The owner of the “Mariner Escape” vessel has been asked several times by an anonymous person to pay money in exchange for keeping secret the affair he is having with a glamorous waitress on board the ship. Your mission is to find the blackmailer within 1 hour, otherwise the affair will be exposed to the public, ruining the ship owner’s reputation and likely his marriage!

Murder in the Pub: This is our toughest challenge!!! Do you have what it takes to solve a horrible murder that has been committed in The Rocks Pub? A storm cut the power temporarily and when it returned, Ned, a local dockworker was found lying dead in the main bar with a major head injury. The police have asked for your help but can only keep the customers in custody for 1 hour. Discover who the murderer is before he or she is let loose and can cause further havoc

Blackmail in the bedroom


Bangkok Bomb Mystery


Theft at the art gallery


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